Colour Play
A freestanding installation for a dark space

Illumination of the aperture and of the wall varies in intensity and colour at a just perceptible rate, periodically fading to black

Duration: 36 minutes

Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen,
8 August to 19 September 2009
Height: 3200mm
Width: 3900mm
Depth: 750mm
MDF panels painted matt white

1 x ColorBlast 12 colour-changing LED lamp (wall)
2 x ColorBlast 6 colour-changing LED lamps (interior)

Anciliary equipment:
Colour controller: iPlayer3
Power-supply/Data Unit: PDS 105e

Created in: COLORPLAY3 version 1.6.2 (PC or Mac)
by Color Kinetics Incorporated

All lighting equipment: Philips Color Kinetics