Grating 6

Northern Lights, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 1996
BBC Radio Scotland, “The Usual Suspects”, December 1996.

For transcript see Grating 6 'notes' section.
H 350
W 2000
D 300
MDF painted white
Opal perspex
60W tungsten tubes
Dimmer switch
BBC Radio Scotland, “The Usual Suspects”, December 1996
Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh

Excerpt from review:

I would like to put in a word for the two pieces that moved me the most, and they were in many ways the least spectacular, by an artist called Adam Barker-Mill. One is called “Grating” and the other one is called “Candle Piece”.

They’re extraordinary in their simplicity; for a start, compared to the other light sources, these are not blazing cyan and magenta, they’re essentially white light, and the candle piece is a tall pyramid shape, an elongated pyramid which obviously does’nt have a naked candle flame inside its base, but looks as if it might.

And the other one is called “Grating”, and it’s a very soft light behind white-painted slats.

I found them extraordinarily beautiful - I’d find it hard to defend why, but they were remarkable and very, very simple.