Ambient Light
BT Headquarters Building, Edinburgh Park, Scotland.

The piece has 3 vertical slots, those at left and right giving visual access to chambers that are open to the left and right and thereby pick up and demonstrate the ambient light in the space (daylight from a window on the left, artificial light from offices on the right).

The centre slot gives visual access to the wall behind, onto which is projected coloured light from an overhead floodlamp - a different colour for each day of the week.

The piece stands at the south-west corner of the building, at one end of “the street”.

A commission for British Telecom

Saltire Award, Scotland, 2001.
H 10 ft
W 5 ft
D 18 ins
30 mm MDF painted matt white
Plinth galvanised steel
LED “Watercolour” colour-changing floodlamp